Saturday, February 5, 2011

Technological glitch - Oh yay!

I finished my BJP and took pictures on the 31st. Go me! When I went to peek at them however, they didn't show up in the pics on the camera. Huh? Recheck the camera itself, they are there. Now, I'm not totally inept with technology. It tends to give me a hard time, sure. Never have I come up against this though. Turns out that somewhere along the line, the photo counter in the camera was reset. Argh!! lol This means I have to either change the names of all the photos on my computer (blech!) or, steal the hubsters computer and work out a new system for naming the pics. Guess which one I am picking? hehe Pics soon and an explanation for my idea that is sort of how I was thinking originally but, of course, changed. Very good start for sure!

In other news, living in Alaska means living with cold, snow and ice. It also means that when it snows in other parts of the country that do not get snow usually, I get blamed!! Haha :) Sending out warm wishes to all who are being affected by inclimate weather. I'm having a cup of hot cocoa for you all and putting an extra log on the fire!!

Keep your needles threaded!

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