Sunday, November 28, 2010

Beading, The Project and other things

Welcome to Beading with Mittens and thank you for stopping in. I live in the interior of Alaska with my DH in a small cabin on his family property, with our 2 dogs (aka as fur-children). Beading has become a part of my way of life here. With long winters and sub-zero temperatures, finding something to do that allows for sitting close to the wood stove is a requirement. I also happen to have a magpie mentality and all those shiny beads just send me over the edge!! Don't be surprised to see other things besides beading pop up in the blog, by the way. We all know how life happens and I enjoy life as well!

I've been beading for a few years now. What I enjoy the most is a toss up between the thrill of creating something from smaller bits and the meditation-like feel that comes while working on a project. I have followed all of Robin Atkins BJP's and participated once previously. *** I am looking forward to wearing holes in my mittens every month for the next year, beading up wonderful somethings. As soon as I figure out all of the specifications of what my project will be this year. Do I want to use a theme? What do I want to use for backing? Oh my, I should post this entry and start sorting bead-bits so I can make a decision! There are only 34 days until the official beginning! :)

Thanks for reading! :)

* (Due to a 'canine incident', I was unable to take photo's of all of the pieces. The dogs and I are finally on speaking terms again. They just gets a little nervous around beading thread ... *snicker*)